Books for academics

Books for academics

The SALTO publishing house was founded in 1985, in Thessaloniki by Saltos Vasilios.

It is the first publishing house in Greece specializing in sports. In collaboration with TEFAA professors and having a tradition in typography since 1974, it publishes the first sports books with an exclusive focus on quality.

The original idea was to reveal the world of sports to the general public, to create a “printed sports museum” accessible both to the sports world and to people who love sports.

The distinction was not long in coming. In 1993, PSAT awarded him a gold medal for his contribution to sports.

The SALTO publishing house has published 230 book titles that deal exclusively with sports and are translations of notable foreign works or works by Greek Academics, Coaches or Athletes.

For more than 38 years, the SALTO has remained a point of reference for the world of sports nationwide, while for the city of Thessaloniki it is a living sports monument, which they do not fail to visit.

Visit us at 21 Angelaki str. Thessaloniki