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SALTO Publishing House was founded in 1985 by Saltos Vassilios. His idea was to reveal the world of sports to the public, to create a “museum of printed sports” accessible to both sports people and those who love sports in general.

Prices have always remained affordable, so that knowledge is accessible to both academic and non-academic readers.

We have a tradition since 1974 in typography, which highlighted in the quality of the books we publish and we are the first publishing house in Greece specializing in sports.

We have published 230 titles of sport related books which are translated from foreign textbooks but most of them are the original work of Greek academics.

The name SALTO is the surname of the family, which comes from the ancient Greek word for “jump” and coincided with the logo.



SALTO publications and the sports book center were created in 1985 by Vassilis Saltos who tried to fill the gap that existed in the Greek sports literature. A gap that, until then, was slowing down the research upon the sports science for both students and physical education teachers.

SALTO publications are the first and largest publishing house in Greece with exclusive object that of sports bibliography.


Our impressive publishing production of more than 200 titles confirms it. Most titles are translations of several titles of well-known publishing houses in Europe and America. Finally, SALTO publications remain one of the main suppliers of the Greek Gymnastics Academy for the distribution of free university textbooks.

SALTO Publications, in addition to the publishing field, is now active in organizing scientific conferences and seminars of sports content, most recently the seminar for the preparation of unappointed teachers, held in Athens and Thessaloniki in October 2004.

The books in our stores are classified according to the sport section which they refer. In our stores you will find all the well-known books of SALTO publications, but also any book of any publishing house, that is related to sports. You will find coaching or technical books on football, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, water sports, strength training and bodybuilding, aerobics, martial arts, traditional and modern dance, sports nutrition and books.

Also scientific books on sports, management, sociology, history, sports medicine philosophy, pedagogy or didactics of sports. We also have books for less popular sports, such as badminton, fencing, horseback riding. You will also find a constantly updated collection of books on physiotherapy, folklore, mountaineering and hiking, nutrition, sports magazines.

We also have a large collection of mountaineering and road maps, CDs and DVDs for traditional dances as well as training aids. We also have a lot of books in foreign languages.

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